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Is there a top and bottom to the mask?

Yes. When you hold the mask up to your face, the filter pocket is on the left and the button is on the right.

What's the best way to put a-just mask on?

Wash your hands and your mask before putting on. Hold your a-just mask to your face and bring the straps to the back of your head. Find the buttonhole that fits snugly yet comfortably. Button-up for protection, adjust the strap so it sits on the back of the neck and you're good to go. Click here for a helpful video.

What about taking it off?

Easy Peasy. You can take off your a-just mask by gently pulling the straps down to avoid touching the face of the mask. In fact, if you want, you can leave the mask around your neck for easy on, easy off. No more one-ear hangs or having to wear your mask on your chin!  

Why no nose guard?

Good question. Nose guards are great when they're new and fresh but after washing they can move around and eventually break. We wanted a-just mask to last a long time and the elastic straps helps assure a nice tight fit.

Can I make a custom 3-pack assortment?

Unfortunately, no. Each pack of three masks comes fully packaged and sealed to minimize handling and the potential spread of any germs.

How often should I wash my mask and what's the best way to wash a-just mask?

Experts recommend washing your mask daily or more depending on use, which is why a pack of three is helpful. We prefer to hand wash and line dry a-just masks. You can use a washing machine and dryer but it's such a small item, it may get tangled up with your other laundry and lose shape. Check out our handy wash page here.

Why don't you sell filters?

We may at some point but, for now, you can readily find PM 2.5 filters online. You can also make a DIY filter with things around the house. We have a downloadable filter pattern and tips on what to use here

Why aren't these masks returnable?

Since this is a personal care item, we are unable to accept returns plus we're trying to stop the spread of any germs!

What if there's a quality issue?

That's a different story and we really hope there isn't. We stand behind our product and will address each case individually. Email us at

Where are your masks made?

We make our masks in Karachi, Pakistan at a factory owned by our partners, Ahmad and Shazia. They have a great, super clean stitching facility that far exceeds International Labor Standards.

You say you're donating a percentage of profits to nonprofits. Which charities and what are the criteria?

As a women-owned business, we're interested in organizations that focus on women and children, especially those affected by the pandemic. Our first donations will go to Family Promise, which helps families in crisis. Going forward, we'd like to enlist our a-just community to select additional nonprofits. We'll be providing a monthly update on how much we've donated and the charities we've selected.

Why aren't you donating masks?

It's in the works. More details to follow.

Is this a sustainable product?

Our just mission addresses the environment. Many of our fabrics are quality overruns so we're using fabric that's already produced. We realize by using a factory in Pakistan, our carbon footprint is larger than we'd like it to be, but we had to balance this with our mission to make masks affordable. We're using a poly mailer made of recycled polyester that's also biodegradable. As we move forward, we will be looking at other ways to be more sustainable. If you have any suggestions, contact us at

Will you be offering any other products other than masks?

Yes!! For now we're starting with masks but we already have other products in the works. By following us on social media or joining our email list, you'll get updates when we add any new product. Sign up here.